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Studio opening on March 9th!

Art goes to the heart


Discover your creative side NOW and sign up for one of the painting courses
with the artist and art teacher Rebekka Heitz! 


No matter whether you have always wanted to paint a picture or are simply looking for a way to
improve your skills and enjoy painting
n to discover –
you're exactly right!

In the courses we cover various colorful topics and they are diverse
Techniques are taught so that you can bring your individual ideas onto the canvas.
No matter whether you are more interested in abstract art, landscape painting (such as flower worlds or water worlds) or depictions of people, for everyone
There is something about the taste.

And don't worry if you don't have the necessary materials or the space and sometimes
There is also no time at home - at KUNST-Heitz's workshops you will be provided with everything you need for painting. So all you have to do is embark on your own creative journey.


In oneYou can choose between a cozy coffee cornerTake a break, exchange ideas with other participants and gather new inspiration. Because one thing is certain: togetherness
and exchange plays a particularly important role in painting.


Danger: Limited courses (only 1 course per month) - so be quick and register!

To the workshops

From my heart

  I am incredibly grateful that painting allows me to express myself in such a meaningful way

Rebekka Heitz working in her Atelier

Art goes to the heart

Welcome to Kunst-Heitz

From the heart

I am grateful that painting gives me the opportunity to express my personal feelings in such an expressive way,
how it is possible to reproduce when painting.  

Rebekka Heitz in the studio
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