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Artist Rebekka Heitz, (M.Ed)

"Art is Fantasy-

It is Passion-


It lives from Aspiration & 



It is the mirrow of our Soul"

Rebekka Heitz, 2014

Since early childhood, I sought for possibilities to express myself creatively. Before I started studying,

I passionately worked in an art school for children, adolescents, and adults. At the University of Oldenburg in Northern Germany, I completed teacher training specified on arts, media and languages with the Master of Education.

During my year abroad in America I studied at the University of West Georgia, where I focussed on my artistic abilities and development. I paint and experiment with colors, different materials, and I love to discover how unexpected artworks arouse. The results are diverse from classical acryl- and oil paintings on canvas. I admire working with leaf gold and structure pastes.

My artwork is an expression of my aspiration to tell stories and thus reach the hearts of the viewers.


  I am incredibly grateful that painting allows me to express myself in such a meaningful way.

Children in School_edited.jpg


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